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Indoor Office Mini Athletic Track

Our last job of 2017 was to carry out the line markings around an office block in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London. The customer asked for a 3 lane mini athletic track to run around each section of their office.

stratford tvs

To complete this job, the lines had to be measured and set out using tape before line marking the red rubber surface in white. The total length of the track was 940lm long

stratford tvs 2

Working Overseas in Kuwait

After returning to the UK before Christmas from the Middle East, we are due to return again this Friday to complete a further 2 athletic tracks.

Here’s what we got up to when we were in Kuwait in December 2017.

kuwait 1

Above image is of John from White Line Services and two local workers are getting ready to start surveying and painting the Kuwait City International Stadium.

kuwait 2

The surveying and painting took us a total of 6 days to complete with only one day of rain and was marked with standard IAAF lines and events.

kuwait 3

We are looking forward to keeping you posted on our next 2 new tracks out in Kuwait.

Ellesmere Port, Liverpool – England

The athletic track at Ellesmere Port underwent 4 weeks for track resurfacing which included repairing 200 linear metres of cracks and a removing a large area of subsidence and repairing the tarmac below. The whole track was then resprayed using 2 x coats of red textured spray. New lines and events were then surveyed and painted giving the track a total transformation.



Chelsea Football Club Sprint Track

To all the Chelsea fans out there (including one of our WLS workers), we were excited to be asked to survey and paint at the Chelsea ground this week. The Cobham Training Centre is the training ground of Chelsea Football Club located in Cobham, Surrey.

The training club now has a shiney new 2 lane 70 m sprint track that runs parallel to the outdoor pitch and the indoor hall.


While the men were surveying and painting the sprint track, some of the youngsters from the team were out training on the field.



Line Painting in Norway

We’re abroad again and this time we’re line marking in Norway.

This week, we are working on 2 tracks in Norway. The first is a 200m track near Drammen, Norway. The track is at Veitvet Skole located outside of Oslo, with fitness equipment on the inside of the track.

NORWAY job complete

After 3 days, the first track is complete, as you can see in the image below.

norway 1st job complete

Now, onto the second slightly smaller track, 4 lane 60m sprint track with a long jump.

Here is Visar Jusufi, setting up ready to begin painting.

norway 2nd job beginning

And here is the complete track.

norway 2nd job complete

Last job starting tomorrow, lets hope the sun shines for us!

Mini Indoor Tracks across the UK

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been surveying and painting a series of mini indoor tracks.

TVS Hamilton

We are pleased to have been asked to paint these various tracks in a number of gyms across the country. So far, we’ve painted these mostly in the north of the UK.


The purpose of these tracks is for gym-goers to warm up and cool down on. It gives them a space to stretch their legs between circuits or simply sit on the verge of astroturf in the centre of the track and relax.


We think the concept is great and more gyms should have areas like this. Plus they look smart too!

Track of the Week: Bill Whistlecroft Athletics Arena, Yeovil

So, the Bill Whistlecroft Athletic Arena, Yeovil, is finally ready for action after the lines have been remarked by our team at White Line Services.

Bill Whistlecroft Athletics Arena, formally known as the Yeovil Athletic Arena, is the only Grade A Athletic Arena in Somerset. This 8 lane synthetic track with field events is home to the Yeovil Olympiads Athletic Club. Renamed in 2014 after Bill Whistlecroft, a local teacher, who sought out athletic talent and inspired and encouraged individuals to try out the sport at whatever level they could. He was an inspiration to the locals and founded the Yeovil Olympiads Athletic Club too.

Here is an action shot of White Line Services at work, taken by the Yeovil Olympiads Athletic Club.

Yeovil tweet from AC

A successful job done, and the Yeovil Athletic team we are sure will be keen that the track is ready to use again.

Yeovil WLS

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