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Gateshead International Stadium Track Wash

Last week at the Gateshead International Stadium, Tyne and Wear, White Line Services pressure washed the sprint track and full sized athletic track ahead of the ESAA Track and Field Championships.

The Gateshead International Stadium has an 11,750 seater stadium, ideal for spectators at International Athletic events and other sporting events including football.

Here is a mid-clean shot where the team have currently cleaned a lane width at a time, leaving no overlap marks.


Here is our before and after pictures from the track wash. It’s nice to see how smart the track looks and how nicely a simple track wash can brighten up your track.

gateshead before and after

We are really pleased with the results and left Gateshead event ready for the ESAA National Championships on 8th and 9th July 2016.

Track of the Week: Keepmoat Stadium, Doncaster

Keepmoat Stadium is home to the prestigious sporting teams – Doncaster Rugby League FC, Doncaster Rovers Belles and Doncaster Rovers. The stadium has undergone a £32 million transformation to become one of Yorkshire’s premier event locations. Alongside the stadium, is the athletic track, used by the Doncaster Athletic Club.

We love the track and have worked there for many years on the maintenance of their track. Last year, White Line Services carried out repairs then remarked the track.

Keepmount stadium doncaster

This year, White Line Services carried out different repairs then resprayed and remarked. The end result shown in the image below.

doncaster 2016

We are always happy to walk away leaving a happy customer with a newly maintained athletic track.

If you would like more information about this post or information on how we can maintain your athletic track, please email us on: office@white-line-services.com

Athletic Track Equipment: Lane Saver Gates

For the longevity of your athletic track, White Line Services Ltd would recommend that you install lane saver gates around the inside lane of the athletic track to prevent athletes consistently using lines 1 and 2 of the track during their training. In general, athletes who train on your running track will tend to run along the inside lanes, which over time can cause significantly more wear and tear to those lanes than to the rest of the track. The increased impact to the inside lanes overtime could then require further maintenance and repairs which are costly. With the use of the lane saver barriers that White Line Services Ltd supply and install, the life of the inner track lanes will hopefully be prolonged and will give your track many more years of happy training for your athletes.

The lane saver barriers we install and fix are made of galvanised aluminium which can be secured into place and rotated 90 degrees to close lanes 1 and 2 of your track. Very simple to use, the gates can be lifted, rotated and moved into the ground sleeve. The ground sleeve can then be locked using a padlock to keep from being moved.

Track Washing at Radley College

Last week, our team were at Radley College in Oxfordshire, washing their 400m athletic track. The track itself was covered in moss and lichen, making it very slippery and in need of some TLC. The machinery we use to clean the track, cleans at force to ensure that all moss and particularly lichen is high pressure cleaned off the surface.

Radley College Track Wash

In this picture, you can see our team have cleaned the track in one path revealing the lovely red track that’s been hidden below. On half of the above picture, you can see the pre-washed track with the remaining green moss and lichen and on the other side, you can see the track has been restored back to its former glory. The running track is now completely moss free and ready for the summer term athletic season to begin.

For more information about our track washing services, visit our sports surface cleaning page or call us for a quote: 01342 851172

Track of the Week: Lee Valley Athletics Centre

Lee Valley is a favourite of ours among the great tracks in the UK. The centre itself holds the largest indoor and outdoor athletic facilities serving London and South East England, making it an important sports site for athletes of all levels. The centre trained gold medallists like Greg Rutherford and Jonnie Peacock for London 2012.


With a unique blue indoor sprint track, you would easily be able to recognise Lee Valley’s indoor track. The indoor track has a capacity to hold 500 spectators to view athletics on their 130m and 60m sprint straights and 200m circular track.

Being the only indoor 200 metre 6 lane track in the whole of the South of England, the facilities are highly respected by athletes in and around London and the South. Recently, White Line Services have carried out work on the 60m sprint part of the track, including remarking and surveying and painting an eighth lane to the 60m track.

IMG_6398 (1)

The outdoor track offers a 400m, 8 lane track with a 600m bark trail available too. Recently, White Line Services have carried out full depth and top surface level repairs to the outdoor track using IAAF certified materials.
To follow the work we do across the UK and the rest of the world, follow us on Facebook and Twitter @whitelineserv.