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Athletic Track Equipment: Lane Saver Gates

For the longevity of your athletic track, White Line Services Ltd would recommend that you install lane saver gates around the inside lane of the athletic track to prevent athletes consistently using lines 1 and 2 of the track during their training. In general, athletes who train on your running track will tend to run along the inside lanes, which over time can cause significantly more wear and tear to those lanes than to the rest of the track. The increased impact to the inside lanes overtime could then require further maintenance and repairs which are costly. With the use of the lane saver barriers that White Line Services Ltd supply and install, the life of the inner track lanes will hopefully be prolonged and will give your track many more years of happy training for your athletes.

The lane saver barriers we install and fix are made of galvanised aluminium which can be secured into place and rotated 90 degrees to close lanes 1 and 2 of your track. Very simple to use, the gates can be lifted, rotated and moved into the ground sleeve. The ground sleeve can then be locked using a padlock to keep from being moved.