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Installing an Indoor Sprint Track Flooring

Over the course of 2 weeks, White Line Services installed a new blue athletic track surface to a school in Dorset. The below pictures demonstrate the stages of the installation, starting with the initial screeding of the concrete flooring to iron out any minor defects and improve overall levels.

devon installation- concrete floor screaded to imporve levels.

Once this layer had set, the next step was to install the base layer 10mm rubber shock pad that ran the length of the area.

Devon installation- install base layer 10mm rubber shock pad image 2

Once the base mat layer has been successfully stuck down, the sealer coat layer was applied and left to cure, as shown below.

devon installation- seal coat- image 3

Then finally, the top layer 3mm flowcoat system was applied and left to cure. Once any excess EPDM granules had been swept away, the surface was then ready for painting. Below you can see the finished blue 3 lane sprint track.

devon floor installation- final image and lines

2016 Overview from White Line Services

2016 has been a fast-paced and exciting year for us, we have been super busy all year round and have only just come up for air now! From Scotland and Ireland to Exeter and Liverpool, we’ve travelled a lot and carried out work we’re very pleased with.

Some of the exciting projects from 2016 include school track washes and remarks such as Radley College and line marking at the Chelsea Academy Football ground.

Radley College Track Wash

The athletic tracks we have worked on this year include Gateshead Stadium, Scotstoun, Ellesmere Port and the Queen Elizabeth Stadium, London.

gateshead before and after

We’ve also done several indoor sports halls and a number of mini sprint tracks in gyms across the UK.


The work this year on athletic tracks has ranged from repairs and resurfacing work on tracks including Ellesmere Port, washes and remarks and sometimes just simple repairs. We have surveyed and painted new tracks both indoors and outdoors. Nottingham University was an example of one of the indoor tracks surveyed and painted by us this year.


We’ve worked abroad a few times in Holland and Norway with hopes to travel further afield too in 2017.

We are now taking books for the summer of 2017 and the calendar is slowly filling up. We’re looking forward to making lots more happy customers this year and wish you all a Happy New Year.

Chelsea Football Club Sprint Track

To all the Chelsea fans out there (including one of our WLS workers), we were excited to be asked to survey and paint at the Chelsea ground this week. The Cobham Training Centre is the training ground of Chelsea Football Club located in Cobham, Surrey.

The training club now has a shiney new 2 lane 70 m sprint track that runs parallel to the outdoor pitch and the indoor hall.


While the men were surveying and painting the sprint track, some of the youngsters from the team were out training on the field.



Line Painting in Norway

We’re abroad again and this time we’re line marking in Norway.

This week, we are working on 2 tracks in Norway. The first is a 200m track near Drammen, Norway. The track is at Veitvet Skole located outside of Oslo, with fitness equipment on the inside of the track.

NORWAY job complete

After 3 days, the first track is complete, as you can see in the image below.

norway 1st job complete

Now, onto the second slightly smaller track, 4 lane 60m sprint track with a long jump.

Here is Visar Jusufi, setting up ready to begin painting.

norway 2nd job beginning

And here is the complete track.

norway 2nd job complete

Last job starting tomorrow, lets hope the sun shines for us!