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Ellesmere Port, Liverpool – England

The athletic track at Ellesmere Port underwent 4 weeks for track resurfacing which included repairing 200 linear metres of cracks and a removing a large area of subsidence and repairing the tarmac below. The whole track was then resprayed using 2 x coats of red textured spray. New lines and events were then surveyed and painted giving the track a total transformation.



Resurfacing at Ellesmere Port Athletic Track

In September/October, White Line Services were busy at the Ellesmere Port athletic track carrying out track resurfacing to the whole track. The team began by washing the track to remove any unwanted dirt and grime and prepare the surface ready for the repairs and respraying.


This image was taken after the track was cleaned, as you can see the track has started to wear down to the base mat below.

There were a number of repairs required to the surface including 200 linear metres of cracks and a large area of subsidence where the track surface was removed and the tarmac below repaired.

Two coats of re-textured spray were then applied to the whole track by the team ready for the line marking to begin. Below shows an image during the respraying of the track.


Following the application of re-textured spray, the new lines and events were surveyed and painted onto the track.


With allowances for some rainy weather and curing time, the work took 4 weeks. Please note, all of the materials used by White Line Services are IAAF certified.

If you would like any more information about getting your track repaired and resurfaced, please call up the office on 01342 851172 for a bespoke quotation.

Chelsea Football Club Sprint Track

To all the Chelsea fans out there (including one of our WLS workers), we were excited to be asked to survey and paint at the Chelsea ground this week. The Cobham Training Centre is the training ground of Chelsea Football Club located in Cobham, Surrey.

The training club now has a shiney new 2 lane 70 m sprint track that runs parallel to the outdoor pitch and the indoor hall.


While the men were surveying and painting the sprint track, some of the youngsters from the team were out training on the field.



Line Painting in Norway

We’re abroad again and this time we’re line marking in Norway.

This week, we are working on 2 tracks in Norway. The first is a 200m track near Drammen, Norway. The track is at Veitvet Skole located outside of Oslo, with fitness equipment on the inside of the track.

NORWAY job complete

After 3 days, the first track is complete, as you can see in the image below.

norway 1st job complete

Now, onto the second slightly smaller track, 4 lane 60m sprint track with a long jump.

Here is Visar Jusufi, setting up ready to begin painting.

norway 2nd job beginning

And here is the complete track.

norway 2nd job complete

Last job starting tomorrow, lets hope the sun shines for us!

Washing the Queen Elizabeth Stadium, London

This week, we’ve been eagerly getting the Queen Elizabeth Stadium at the Olympic Park ready for the Muller Anniversary Games.

Bolt will be among some of the athletes competing at the Muller Anniversary Games on the 22nd, where he will be racing at the IAAF Diamond League meeting. Following the IAAF Diamond League, is the IPC Athletics Grand Prix Final, taking place on the 23rd.

Olympic park 2

We always feel honoured when the Olympic Park ask us to wash the track, and have worked there several times over the last few years, including painting during the Olympic 2012 games.

This last week, we’ve been cleaning the full-sized track using our specialist high-pressure machines. This involved a couple of extra long days from the team, in order to get the track up to standard for the up and coming 2 day events. Being one of the world’s biggest athletic events with global athletes competing on the field and track, we are glad the clean is now complete and the track is ready and waiting for a couple of world records to be broken on…hopefully!

Olympic Park

#StadiumSelfie from our director, Marc Adams.

If you’d like any further information about track washing or remarking, please get in touch with us today via our online contact form.

Gateshead International Stadium Track Wash

Last week at the Gateshead International Stadium, Tyne and Wear, White Line Services pressure washed the sprint track and full sized athletic track ahead of the ESAA Track and Field Championships.

The Gateshead International Stadium has an 11,750 seater stadium, ideal for spectators at International Athletic events and other sporting events including football.

Here is a mid-clean shot where the team have currently cleaned a lane width at a time, leaving no overlap marks.


Here is our before and after pictures from the track wash. It’s nice to see how smart the track looks and how nicely a simple track wash can brighten up your track.

gateshead before and after

We are really pleased with the results and left Gateshead event ready for the ESAA National Championships on 8th and 9th July 2016.

Mini Indoor Tracks across the UK

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been surveying and painting a series of mini indoor tracks.

TVS Hamilton

We are pleased to have been asked to paint these various tracks in a number of gyms across the country. So far, we’ve painted these mostly in the north of the UK.


The purpose of these tracks is for gym-goers to warm up and cool down on. It gives them a space to stretch their legs between circuits or simply sit on the verge of astroturf in the centre of the track and relax.


We think the concept is great and more gyms should have areas like this. Plus they look smart too!

White Line Services – 38 years later

White Line Services International Limited are a 3 generations family run business, who have travelled to over 60 countries across the world, painting athletic tracks.

Over the years, we have visited the Caribbean, Mexico, Africa, Australia, the list goes on.

Here is a snapshot of some of the great work we have been involved in over the last 38 years.

11 sept 2002 017

In September 2002, we were in Salt Lake City, Utah, surveying and painting the indoor track ready for the 2002 Winter Olympics.

p v mex march 2004 055

In 2004, we were over in Mexico painting the running track in Puerto Vallarta. This was the image taken while paragliding over the city.


In 2009, White Line Services travelled to Bolivia in Central South America, where they surveyed and painted a new track in Sucre. 

2010 075

Over in the United Arab Emirates, in 2011, we surveyed a new track in Dubai. Battling the sun and sand, but always a fun experience.

Gibraltar view of track

Here’s a view of the track we did in Gibraltar in 2011. With sea views, where could be better than Gibraltar for athletics. 

More recently we have spent a lot of time in Europe, namely Sweden, Poland, Norway and Belgium. It was only last week we returned from washing and remarking over in Tilbury, Holland.

Holland- Tilbury

Here is the Tilbury track in Holland last week. This image is after the track wash but before the new lines were put down.